About Me

My firm is an innovative law firm. I have a key commitment to providing outstanding legal services and offer professional and innovative solutions to clientele.

All professional services are attended to by me. My ethos of client service is based on a simple philosophy of making every matter count, every client a winner and every client a client of mine for life. What makes my firm so unique and so different?

I take your family matters to heart and I apply the law. The two seldom meet, but with me they do.

My codes of ethics:

  • I consider trust to be at the heart of any client interaction.
  • I respect the fact that my clients entrust their legal matters to me.
  • Whilst I pride myself on my comprehension of the law and my ability to secure a favourable outcome for my clients, it's the extent to which I win trust that sets me apart.
  • I am heartened when my clients emerge from their matter with a feeling of trust and that their leap of faith was well-founded.
  • I take the time to get to know and understand my client's legal requirements.
  • I pin down the exact legal issue and then, if needed, with the help of the right legal experts, I resolve their issues quickly and favourably without fail.
  • I deliver the best possible service founded on honesty and integrity.
  • I practice innovative thinking and promote value for money by not merely focusing on court decisions by trial actions, but to resolve issues before institution action where possible
  • I am always available to my clients and serve them with dedication and trust. I am just a phone call or text message away at any given time, no matter how far or near.

Practice Areas

I specialise in family law related matters including registering Antenuptial Contracts for all types of marriages including Civil Union marriages, I draft Wills and I attend to divorce matters, pre and post-divorce.

I further specialise in PROPERTY related transactions from property listings, sales, transfers right up to handing the keys over to the new buyer thus offering a comprehensive one-stop property service from my office.

My other fields of law that I specialise in are Litigation, Property, Commercial Law, Law of Contracts and Business Rescue.

The firm also offers consulting for compliance to ISO and Food Safety Standards.


  • Divorces: Contested and uncontested
  • Advice on parental responsibilities and rights in respect of children
  • Care and contact disputes concerning children
  • Rule 43 Applications
  • Unmarried fathers’ rights and access to children
  • Child and spousal maintenance law
  • General Family Law matters
  • Antenuptial contracts
  • Cohabitation agreements / Universal partnership


I have 25 years’ experience in litigation procedures, in actions as well as Applications, whether acting on behalf of a party bringing a claim to court or defending the claim. I give clients expert advice and support whenever a matter goes to court as I have knowledge of all forms of High Court litigation.


Business owners with a company in financial distress can turn to me for advice to turn the company around. I will assist you in all requirements pertaining to Business Rescue Proceedings in terms of the legislation contained in Chapter 6 of the Companies Act No 71 of 2008, the Companies Amendment Act No 3 of 2011, and the regulations.


The importance of a will is very often underestimated. If you have a will, it is equally important to keep it updated as your personal circumstances change.
I will give you expert advice in the drafting of all types of wills and its safekeeping or in litigious matters.


Ever heard the saying “read the fine print”?
I can assist all parties in drafting of contracts as well as any form of disputes pertaining to contracts.


My firm offers advice in respect of internal audits and compliance to ISO & Food Safety Standards which includes ISO 9000, FSSC 22000, HACCP, VACCP, TACCP etc.

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I further specialise in PROPERTY related transactions from property listings, sales, transfers right up to handing the keys over to the new buyer thus offering a comprehensive one-stop property service from my office.

My property services include:

  • Free advice to parties before entering into property related transactions
  • Free valuations
  • Advertising properties for sale on behalf of clients
  • Concluding contracts between buyers and sellers in the selling of homes
  • Drafting and finalising residential lease agreements
  • Facilitating home-loan applications
  • Assisting in all conveyancing related matters in the transferring process
  • Architectural visualisation – product renders, interior and exterior design and renders (day or night scenes)
I am a member of 3%.Com Properties. It is the trademark for a network of practicing attorneys and conveyancers who specialise in the selling and transferring of immovable property. This is what makes the franchise unique – clients won’t need to seek the services of a lawyer – it’s a lawyer selling your property. The commission is generally only 3% with VAT if applicable. 3%.Com provides a complete service to both Purchasers and Sellers and it is a win-win for all. I can assist in valuing and marketing your property and attend to sales and any other aspects ancillary to the sale of immovable property. If you are looking to sell your home you want to buy that dream home, but you don’t know where to start, visit us at www.threepercent.com to view the properties for sale in my area.

I can assist you with all your property requirements, whether you are buying or selling, you benefit:

  • Marketing and advertising done
  • Affordable transfer & Bond costs offered
  • Accurate Property valuations
  • Assisting in financing applications
  • Rentals management

Legal Team

Susan Richardson


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Property Team

Susan Richardson


Dean Nelson

Estate Agent

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